Mariages de cane corso  & Drahthaar en cours ...

Plusieurs mariages de Cane Corso ont eu lieu , pour plus d'informations merci de prendre contact avec nous ...


The Kennel Club of a thousand ponds located at Merigny (36) offers you a new service...

Our structures

Following many requests, the Club Canin of thousand ponds can educate your companion during his stay in our pension, as for example him learn or relearn the basics:
Learning the rules of daily life;
The acquisition of the basic commands: sit - slept - walking on a leash - reminder;
The integration of the dog in your home;
The understanding of how it works.
You can go on vacation in peace and find your companion on your return with new educational foundations.

You can also leave especially your dog for its preparation in different disciplines of dressage.
The duration of the stay is to define the goals and capabilities of your pet that are to assess beforehand.
Rate 2018 of the pension-dressage / pension-education:
€23 per day (minimum one week)
Individual courses:
The benefits are provided in week or weekend on appointment
A specific work is set up according to your needs.
€25 per session or a package of 10 sessions for €230
We have a 1000 m2 fenced home farming and the Kennel with all the conditions required for the learning of your companion.

Dog training at home:
White / Argenton on Creuse on the Indre, Vienne and surroundings:
They are provided in week or weekend on appointment
They focus on the problems at home, in your environment.
The price of a session is €30 with a trip to € 1 km

Regis & Cathy...

Enthusiast since the 2000s and owner of Cane Corso since 2002, we invite you to discover our dogs through this site but also our Drahthaars we decided to raise in respect of their respective standard...